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What does everyone think about those Final Fantasy XIV Gil AST buffs?

In case you feel lazy to read the 3.07 patch notes:

Benefic Potency has been increased from 380 to 400.

Benefic II Potency has been increased from 620 to 650.

Helios Potency has been increased from 290 to 300.

Aspected Benefic Potency of the regen effect from Diurnal Sect has been increased from 100 to 140.
Amount of damage nullified by the barrier from Nocturnal Sect has been increased from 100% of HP restored to 130% of HP restored.

Aspected Helios Cure potency when not using Nocturnal Sect has been increased from 140 to 200.
Cure potency when using Nocturnal Sect has been increased from 140 to 150.
Potency of the regen effect from Diurnal Sect has been reduced from 50 to 40.

Synastry An effect has been added that increases the caster's healing potency by 20% for 20 seconds.
The party member under the effect of Synastry will now recover HP when any other party member is targeted with a healing spell. Furthermore, the amount of HP recovered has been reduced from 50% to 40%.
Recast time has been reduced from 120 to 90 seconds.

Celestial Opposition Recast time has been reduced from 150 to 120 seconds.
Disable The effect has been changed reduce the potency of all the target's offensive actions for the duration.
Duration has been reduced from 10 to 6 seconds.

Collective Unconscious Will now grant Regen and 10% damage reduction to party members when using either Diurnal Sect or Nocturnal Sect.
Auto-attack will now be canceled upon execution.
Regen potency has been reduced from 200 to 150.
Duration of regen has been reduced from 18 to 15 seconds.

The Balance Duration has been increased from 15 to 30 seconds, regardless of single target or area-of-effect.

The Bole Duration has been increased from 15 to 30 seconds, regardless of single 
target or area-of-effect.

The Arrow Duration has been increased from 15 to 30 seconds, regardless of single target or area-of-effect.

I'd like to read the input of the more experienced healers/UFFXIV AST out there~
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26 Aug 2015
Not even sure if putting slashing debuff on Final Fantasy XIV Gil DRK enmity combo (depending on duration) is even a dps gain - its actually going to destroy their rotation as they will not have enough mp to use all of their abilities - you will have absolutely no chance to use DA > souleater, and/or every other C&S will be non-DA.

Not a good solution.

The slashing debuff thing is kinda annoying but not a huge dealbreaker. I would like every class to buff themselves. For now though FFXIV WAR > NIN in terms of providing it - and you always want it. So WAR gets a spot in almost every raid comp.

The other question is for the devs - what exactly are they anticipating when they balance their raids? Do they use only the most ideal comps? Or, rather, do they expect most teams tackling savage to MUST have a comp that covers all bases?

Not saying a comp without that will have issues - but it will be harder, and if you're talking about world first or even just high end progression it may easily cost them a week longer to down without the debuff, all other things being equal.

Quite frankly, all of the tanks should have one of the melee debuffs instead of debuffing main stats.

WAR already does slashing, allowing FFXIV Gil PLD to bring blunt with some sort of shield-esque animation ability, while letting FFXIV DRK bring piercing by poking it to death (Or vice versa).

This not only increases overall raid DPS instead of using stat debuffs; but it keeps WAR in it's own little niche (since they basically buff themselves) while allowing players to pick and choose what tank they want to bring based on the overall raid comp.
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23 Aug 2015
I don't think Awareness is worth taking in some Final Fantasy XIV Gil situations.

As someone already stated, your CC ffxiv skills depends on the fight for Warrior since you have a lot of viable choices. It's a luxury you should enjoy because other classes don't really have a choice.

Ravana is a mix since your job description varies depending on your role. If you're just OTing while full time DPSing outside of soaking Blindings, then I would take Second Wind and Mantra. Mantra helps healers during the stomp phases and FFXIV SW helps when used after a lot of the mechanics just to help healers out. If you're MTing, then Flash is probably worth taking since you can spam it for aggro generation during seeing phases.

If you're pure DPSing, Awareness is not really worth it since you're just popping Raw Intuition for the stack it gives you and you shouldn't be getting randomly crit by stuff. At least Mantra helps healers a tiny bit.

The biggest problem I have with Mantra is... it's 5%. Obviously if you're absolutely never tanking anything (like Ravana OT), then it's better than Awareness which would be completely useless (don't think the cleave can crit). But in any fight where you're actually tanking a thing for any period of time, Awareness is better, especially in fights where you're only tanking for a short period since you're getting more use out of Awareness.

Also Flash is pretty garbage even for FFXIV Gil MTing Ravana. The aggro it generates is minimal and unless you're on the verge of losing aggro, the aggro you generated won't matter.
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18 Aug 2015
Has anyone beening getting lag at 9pm-1am est
For the past 2 weeks been getting so much lag in Savage especially around those times and its almost everyday. I'm on ps4 i got a new modem changed my wiring and all that other FFXIV Gil shit and still lag.Every since that 1 hotfix patch SE did that's when everything went downhill.

IDK what to do anymore other than get in on a late PST group but don't, wanna leave my group been raiding with them since 2.0.First time i have ever lagged in this game like this,time to just pvp all day.

There was a thread on this topic a while back that talks about these lag issues:

In the case of east coast United States players, who typically use the Aether Data Center, it turns out there's a specific data hub that pretty much all internet traffic is routed through on the way to the Data Center in Canada. I forget the name of the hub (starts with "A", I think?), but that is where the congestion occurs.

Players have gotten excellent results by using a VPN like WTFast or other similar products to route your data traffic around that bad hub. My brother had terrible evening-time lag before he started using WTFast, but ever since he's been running smooth as butter at any hour of the day. Unfortunately, for folks playing on PS4, it's a bit more complicated to set up WTFast. It's possible, and there are instructions on the web Buy FFXIV Gil that explain how to do it, but I haven't looked into them.
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12 Aug 2015
Increases healing magic potency by 0% to -1.5% for 30s.
180s Cooldown.
Costs a ton of mana.

Divine Seal
Increases healing magic potency by 30% for 15s.
60s Cooldown.

I really think this needs cheap ffxiv gil looked at, it is quite clear that Astrologian and White Mage abilities when comparing to this one are quite overpowered.

I think Divine Seal needs a change, here is my idea.

Divine Seal
Increases healing magic potency by -1% for 15s.
90s Cooldown.

I think this makes our skills more in line with each other.

You're comparing apples to oranges here. Someone brings up mitigation and you delve right into talk about straight up healing and throughput. 

Dissipaiton has its uses. It's extremely situational, sure, but all classes have situational skills. If you use Dissipation correctly, as others pointed out, you can mitigate a ridiculous amount of damage AND be able to put through a fair decent amount of solid healing with Emergency Tactics. Are there other options? Sure, there are other options, but you're not going to have nearly as much potential to mitigate other wise.

Also, you seem to be, you know, completely leaving out the second part of the skill, which is the fact that you get a full stack of Aetherflow, which you can mindlessly dump into whatever heal spamming moves you want.

Don't compare the potential of Scholar's mitigation to random throughput healing. 90% of the time, even in Raid content, you aren't going to needCheap FFXIV GIL Whispering Dawn. Scholar's AoE healing sucks, even with that. You're supposed to leave it to your FFXIV WHM or FFXIV AST to solve that problem; Cure III and Medica II/Aspected Helios say hi. You should be using Selene for the DPS buff she brings.
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07 Aug 2015

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