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Ok well we shall chalk this up to the most annoying RNG I have ever seen. I knew Korean games were grindy but this is just BEYOND BELIEF for me.
I am honestly starting to feel annoyed at having a Master Pack at this point.
But anyways I figure I try something else besides blade master at Beta 2. At beta 1 it took a spectacular 13 runs of Blackram to get a Blight Sword for†Blade And Soul Gold. This was mostly due to RNG not dropping didly squad on the last boss and the boxes hating me.
Well surely the RNG has outdone itself with my Force Master.
Out of the 16 runs I have done on Black ram I have the following "results"
Number op Bangles Dropped: 0 †(Even in a party with 5 freaking Force Masters
Box 1: Blight Axe
Box 2: Blight Razor
Box 3: Blight Axe
Box 4: Blight Axe
Box 5: Blight Razor
Box 6: Blight Razor
Box 7: Blight Axe
Box 8: Blight Razor
Box 9: Blight Gauntlet
Box 10: Blight Axe
Box 11: Blight Axe
Box 12: Blight Axe
Box 13: Blight Razor
Box 14: Blight Gauntlet
Box 15: Blight Razor
Box 16: Blight Axe
Seriously what the heck What is wrong with this RNG? I play a Force Master. Cut me some slack and if I am wasting EXPENSIVE KEYS then at least give me the item i need after 10 boxes. I am currently 16 runs in and I wasted keys. This is just beyond stupid.
Korean MMOs are a grind fest. But this is just absurd.
I hope that either:
A - Transformation weapons become tradeable
B - Chances may increase for finding a weapon based upon how many keys are used
I mean you are seriously expecting me to waste what? 30 - 40 runs in the hope that I can actually progress in the game? It would not be so bad to Buy Blade And Soul Gold for the fact that this basically stops you from playing further since you need better weaponry and stats to continue. Can we make the RNG less of a pain here?

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08 Jan 2016
Here is a FULL UI + Voice Korean pack.. It is huge.. I apologize.. It is not just Voice. It also is a little bit buggy with some UI elements, but on top of changing voices, it changes minimaps and some UI elements from w.e language they originally were in into Korean.

This will be a rar full of files that you will need to safely extract into your CookedPC of your BNS folder. IF you use the Hero Izanami patcher for cheap Blade & Soul Items, I believe my KR patch is set up to integrate right into it. I may need to provide more details on it.

NOTE: Please back up EVERY SINGLE CookedPC file that my patch changes, just in case. I may also try to dwindle down the patch into a purely Korean voice patch, but for now it is a 1.5GB UI+Voice patch!


Instructions: As mentioned above, this RAR contains a ton of CookedPC files. Inside of the 'Korean' folder are all of the files. The other files such as the BAT, etc is all for the Izanami Patcher if you use that.

If Hero would like to PM me about getting the Korean patch also added to his Izanami Launcher, he can do so, but because of the size of this patch, it is purely voluntary. The files should work on any server as long as you put them in properly.

Don't forget to make backups.. It will take a while because of the sheer amount of files, and a lot of the UI elements were put in simply because I can semi-read Korean but can't read the Chinese in game.†

If you have any questions regarding the patch, please PM it to me privately.

Included: Korean Voice FULL (Cutscene, NPC, System, etc), BNS English Login Logo, Korean Minimaps, Korean Map, Korean Chat Tags, Korean Quest Tags, Korean Enhance Message, Other Korean Messages, and some more extras?

NOTE2: There are a few UI-related bugs due to it forcing the changes of some UI elements with†Blade & Soul Power leveling. Some UI elements like some Skill Guides in quests, guild coin ui are invisible. Don't worry though, because none of those bugs are big or game breaking.†
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07 Jan 2016
Q: What is Closed Beta?
Closed Beta is the wide scale testing phase with the main goal of testing Blade & Soul's content in order to fulfill player expectation and needs as well as continue testing server performance and stability.
Q: When will Closed Beta access begin?
Closed Beta Weekend Schedule:
Weekend 1: Oct 29, 10am PDT - Nov 2, 10pm PST
Weekend 2: Nov 13, 10am PST - Nov 16, 10pm PST
Weekend 3: Nov 24, 10am PST - Nov 30, 10pm PST
Weekend 4: Dec 11, 10am PST - Dec 14, 10pm PST
Weekend 5: Dec 18, 10am PST - Dec 21, 10pm PST
Q: Who will be selected to access Closed Beta?
Those who purchased a Founder's Pack will have access to all remaining Closed Beta weekends. Those who have been invited to Closed beta through the Blade & Soul newsletter sign up, Closed Beta sign up and through partner giveaways will receive access only for Cheap Blade And Soul Gold they received their invitation.
Q: How will I know if I have been selected?
Closed Beta selectants will receive an email with the instructions on how to participate.
Q: How many players do you plan on inviting to the Closed Beta?
The number of players we invite will be based on our testing needs.
Q: If I buy a Founderís Pack after the Closed Beta weekend starts, is there still a chance that I can get into that Closed Beta?
When you buy your Founder's Pack from the Blade & Soul website your account is automatically granted access to all remaining closed betas. If there is a Closed Beta test in progress when you purchase your pack, your NCSOFT account will be granted access to the test and will only need to download the client here and login with your account to participate.

Q: When will Closed Beta servers be wiped?
Closed Beta servers will be wiped after Closed Beta Weekend 5 ends and before the Head Start phase and launch begins.
Q: Will European players be able to participate in the Closed Beta?
Anyone with a Closed Beta invite will be able to participate, but the datacenter will be located in North America until the EU servers open in Closed Beta Weekend 2. If you create any characters during Closed Beta Weekend 1, your characters and their progress will be copied over to the EU servers with Blade & Soul Gold. Visit the EU Character Copy for Closed Beta article for more information.

Q: I applied my Founder's Pack during Technical Alpha/Closed Beta. Will I still get my items during launch?
Yes, you can use your Founder's Pack items during Technical Alpha/Closed Beta and they will be available again at launch.†
Q: Where can I download the game?
Instructions on how to download the game, and other necessary information, will be emailed to you before the closed beta starts. You can also download the client by clicking this link.
Q: What are the specs required in order to play the Closed Beta client?
Minimum Specifications:
CPU: Intel Dual Core / AMD Athlon 64X2
RAM: Windows XP: 2GB / Windows Vista, Windows 7: 3GB†
GPU: nVidia Geforce 8600GT / AMD Radeon HD4600
OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 3), Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit / 64bit)
DirectX 9.0c
Recommended Specifications:
CPU: Intel Quad Core or higher / AMD Phenom II X4 or higher
RAM: 4GB or higher
GPU: nVidia Geforce 8800GT / AMD Radeon HD4850 or higher
HDD: 22GB or higher
OS: Windows 7 (64bit)
DirectX 9.0c
Q: Can I delete the old $patch$ folder within the BnS folder to free up some space on my harddrive?
Yes, this folder contains old patch data that can be removed. We are currently investigating this issue.
Q: Can I play this on Windows 10?
Yes, Blade & Soul currently runs on Windows 10.
Q: Can I play using a controller? (Xbox, etc.)
Yes, although gamepad support is still in the testing phase. The controller options become available in the Menu under General > Camera once a controller has been connected.
Q: Can I stream, create videos or post screenshots of the closed beta content?
Yes! Thereís no non-disclosure agreement for the alpha and beta tests, so feel free to share your experiences!
Q: What languages does the Closed Beta support?
Only English will be available for the first few weekend testing phases.
Q: Where are the items that I should be getting for buying the Founderís Pack (i.e. Costumes, skins)?
You will find those items in your in-game mail box.
Q: Am I spending real NCoin when I purchase items in the store?
No, the NCoin spent during the Technical Alpha and Closed Beta will not to be removed from your NCoin balance.
Q: Who can I contact if I have questions about Founderís Packs or†Blade Soul gold?
You can reach out to the community here on the forums but if you cannot find your answer.

Q: When will the game be released?
We have not announced a release date.
Q: Is this the final game?
No. Features such as the in-game shop, the final English text and other systems will not be finalized within the closed beta phase.
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06 Jan 2016
Increase the importance of owning specific land, making it more valuable.†
Coupled with the above spell and counter play of scouting make scouts even more important

Offer Guilds and groups various modes of transportation and routes, and information on tunnel systems even potentially becoming guild guarded secrets on best routes to and from areas.†

Allows people to outflank their enemies when, not only defending territory, but also attacking territory, offering another dimension to large scale PvP tactics. In terms of troop movement.†

Bbreak up a few zergs, without the minimap and with various routes, more people will need to cover different exits and locations. Meaning sure you can run around with a single zerg slaughtering all you need is huge number of†Albion Online Gold, but itís going to be much easier for small groups to slip through the cracks. Or you can split up into smaller groups and cover those cracks, offering smaller scale engagements, with the ability to call backup across the zone.†
But, far more importantly, this will benefit those who know an area. This will give groups local knowledge and be a boon when it comes to getting the most out of a region, making invaders really have to scout out ahead of time to know what is potentially there to invade and take, but also giving defenders advantage on their own lands. Bringing Skill and knowledge to the forefront of guild conflicts and territory control.
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05 Jan 2016
It's very good if you like a sandbox game that won't hold your hand and in which you will have to set up your own goals.

While playing this game you have to remember that it's not a race to the "endgame", and you should approach any level/gear advancements calmly and patiently.

Especially in Albion, advancement is a GRIND, you will spend hours to get to another tier of items, and if you're a harvester it's even more ridiculous because resources are scattered all over the huge world, they're very limited, there's a lot of other players looking for it, and you get overweight easily, so you'll have to run back to bank a lot. If you're a crafter then after hitting T3 you'll see that you have to choose what you want to craft, because exp gained from crafting will count only towards this item - as in I can only craft T4 leather hoods, and thats' it, can't craft the chest (seperate exp bar) or boots

Nonetheless, I believe that Albion is a GREAT game for old school sandbox MMORPG fans, however it is not a story-driven themepark MMO that we've been getting for the past ~13 years.

To be honest,†Albion Online Gold†is important in the game, if you want to be strong and powerful, then you may need a huge amount of golds.

Also playing in a guild (and a party at 90% of the time) is HIGHLY recommended.
but also I have to agree with /u/a99980 that founder packs are never worth it, if you're patient wait for release, if you just want to play something now, and you're fine with your characters being wiped and with what I mentioned above - go for it.
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01 Jan 2016

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