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my main is a monk and after trying many Cheap FFXIV Gil class i always come back to monk but since the new expension,i start to think about rerolling.why?

chakra system is annoying.....spamming meditatuon 5 time between each fight is just not fun especialy since you also need to form change.....that 8 skill to use between each the Q/A,yoshida answer about that and he have no plan to change meditation even when EVERYONE want meditation to give instant 5 stack out of we need to deal with it and spamm those skill forever.

the ramp up is something i dislike also.with form change, its a bit faster to get 3 GL stack but its still around 15 sec to start doing good dmg. boss that keep jumping out become a real pain because of ramp up and hop....he jump away.....most enconter is like that now

overall,i was thinking about rerolling ninja since its a fast paced class like monk and you dont have any ramp up,you have nice burst, about equal dps then monk, way less positioning then monk (so better for solo) but you lose in the aoe dmg compared to monk.i feel like ninja is equal to monk without all the i wrong?i never played ninja yet so that why im asking here your opinion.

LoL I started leveling Ninja pretty much due to that very same reason , I couldn't stand spamming chakra all the time and losing FFXIV GIL3 gets frustrating even with the new TK. 

So far i'm liking Ninja more , Less stress during mechanics , Positionals are simple , Armor crush every 4th or 5th rotation means perma Huton and the FFXIV Dps is good ( more so when you have to solo something ) , I've had a mudra brain fart now and then but nothing that pisses me off like getting stunned and losing FFXIV GIL stacks or running around spamming chakra or worse forgetting to recharge it as your dodging AoE's or dealing with other things. That and form shift is annoying and is too limited .. Would much rather it just put you directly into coeurl form without having to press it multiple times.
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03 Aug 2015
1. Boomerangers need Trove Flux a new name, for what its worth i can understand that you cant just call them "Link" xD you would prob be in trouble with copyright laws/infringement n such but i suggest you guys go back to what you were originally gonna call the class the "Adventurer", only 1 skill in the set uses a boomerang granted i use the skill ALOT but it makes no sense to base the class name off of 1 skill that class has imo "Adventurer" would have been better.

2. The ability to swap between Bow and Sword. It would be EXTREMLY helpful to have some sort of mechanic in place that allows you to switch between your sword and bow so that you can take full advantage of the ability to use 2 different weapons in the first place, i can get switching to what you need before combat but lets get real in the midst of battle especially at higher levels those mobs are gonna stomp you out if you try switching mid combat or at the very least you take a few blows to the face before your done switching.

Hmm for the moment those are the only 2 discernible things about what id like changed with the class but ill be sure to post more as i find out flaws n such.
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ok first off you can't seperate his name and TRY to apply his skills to his name because he was originally going to be called the adventurer.
also his 2 key skill is not a "ranger" its an AOE attack that can be used close or far, his ONLY skill that involves a boomerang is his M2 so your points for 1 are pretty much your opinion and tbh not very valid. if you wanna call a class a boomeranger i expect all skills to encompass a boomerang i mean they may as well should have or would have made a boomerang a type of weapon, they are making spears a weapon for the new class lunar point is the class is meant to be a rendition of Link from "legend of zelda" not a "boomeranger" that title is what i beleive to be a place holder that couldnt be filled with a fitting name so it stuck like i said they should have left it as adventurer like it was going to be called.

second off developers have Cheap Trove Flux also stated that PVP will not be in game fast foward a few months TA-DA we get a thread called "so you wanna talk about PvP" so dont go counting your chickens before the eggs hatch, if they get enough feedback im sure they will work in a way to ease of access for weapon swaping (looks at on the fly class changing with the push of one key "J")
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03 Aug 2015
There's a lot of complaining going around right now about Final Fantasy XIV Gil both Paladins and Dark Knights. I, for one, think they're both very close to perfect. These are the changes I propose:

Shield Swipe* - I'd really like to see this skill be off the global cooldown without changing anything else about it. This would add a bit of needed DPS and increase single target enmity.
Sword Oath - Add a slight damage buff to actions; something reasonable like 5-10%

Dark Knight
Cross Class - My list for Dark Knight is very short. Change the cross-class skills from Marauder to Lancer. Blood for Blood makes up for the lack of a hard damage increase skill (FoF/Berserk), Invigorate fixes the TP issues the class suffers from, and Keen Flurry has perfect synergy with the parry concept. I know that with those changes we would lose Bloodbath (oh noes....), Foresight (oh noes again!), and Mercy Stroke. However, what the class gains in ability would also help solidify it's identity.

Well, there they are. I'll end this by saying that I've been tanking in this game since 1.0 and have a lot of experience with both Warrior and Paladin. I think it's obvious by these forums that Warrior is in a pretty good place right now, hence to omission. I know Dark Knight is still very new, but I've played pretty much nothing else since 3.0 launch. I'm hardly an expert or respected individual in the field of tank and spank in this community, but I appreciate any comments and feedback. Thanks folks, happy hunting.

*Shield Bash was the wrong skill Buy FFXIV Gil name. I meant Shield Swipe!
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29 Jul 2015
Yes yes another Cheap FFXIV Gil one of these "oh no AST sux lol plz buff us" threads but I would just like SE to see that there's yet another AST unhappy with their job.

Now don't get me wrong I like the flare of the class, and I can even deal with the RNG cards. But when a WHM can follow a tank into a dungeon where the tank pulls 2+ groups of mobs and be fine, and I will go dry on MP before the mobs come to half and most of the time the tank doesn't even survive that long because I simply do not have the throughput, is rubbish. 

So I'll be going back to my WHM with a full healing kit until you fix this poor job you so deem a "healer". I understand we have utility in card's that can do all kind's of cool things. And for other classes, such as BRDs and MCHs that deal a bit less damage because of their utility that's cool. But it simply does not work for a healing class. Just wanted to express my dissatisfaction with a class I was looking forward to playing and not beta testing. Thanks.

I had yesterday this in neverreap where tank pulled too much and died, i was unable to heal that fast and he died. He acknowledged that AST had some healing issues and will not pull that much FFXIV Gil. I was pretty sure that if i was SCH he wouldn't have died.

I'm still playing and gearing up, but as Alexander starts i might start to get people complaining. So far not anyone complains, because i know the content that i'm doing and how to handle it even though it's to play as AST is like playing with other 2 healers on "very hard" mode. But as I get closer to full end game content, i'm getting discouraged and looking into other jobs or crafting jobs to pass my time until it's fixed.

what bothers me mostly is that almost every ability that AST has is a weaker copy of WHM/SCH ability - from the dps abilities to heals. And every unique ability that AST has is gimmics that doesn't bring anything meaningful to the party.
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26 Jul 2015

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