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We're talking about 1.6 GHz, spread across 2 cores for B&S (Remember, UE3).
The bottom line, in my opinion, is that for the game to truly shine on console, it would have to be drastically altered and the engine would also have to be heavily modified.
Both feats that would require a tremendous investment on NCSOFT's end. Which IMO, I doubt they're willing to pull.
Similarly, Square Enix did take that chance recently with FFXIV and redid the engine entirely, in hopes of achieving this.
In my opinion, it was successful on their end. However, it is without question that the PC version of FFXIV is still superior to the PS4 and specially to the PS3 version. The UI elements can be accomodated more easily, there is several more options available and I'm not even going to mention things like third party addons. 
I'm not talking max.
Max is completely out of the equation here. Average resolution is also out of the equation; PS4 and specially not XBONE will be able to handle 1080P for B&S.
I am saying the top it will likely go is 720P as noted above (That's being generous).
Your textures could possibly stay at a medium to high level (The memory is there to support it, somewhat) but everything else on settings would go down to medium or less or more than likely, possibly removed completely.

In the end, you would have a not-so-good looking game. Which is why I don't think this idea would be worth execution unless the engine is changed to something else (Unlikely) or the engine is heavily modified (Also unlikely to happen). 

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31 Dec 2015
Have an attractive safe zone experience for newer players (while being aware that we will never compete with themepark games such as World of Warcraft here)
Provide a soft transition for safe zone players to move into PvP, and incentive that transition with the right risk vs reward ratio. See the discussion regarding yellow zones

Ensure that the rewards offered by a zone are based on how risky it is: the best gear and dungeons will only be in the red zones.

We are fully convinced that the above approach is truly a win-win situation for all player types.

For newer or more safety-minded players, it means that they have an easier entry into the game and are not forced into PvP when they do not feel ready

For hardcore players looking for PvP all the time, it means that the game's population will be large, with enough action happening in the PvP zones.

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30 Dec 2015
Calculating and precise, Assassins need to be in the right position and have the right skill chains set up in order to ensure their opponent doesn’t have the ability to respond to the Assassin’s lightning-quick attacks. Unlike other classes that can get away with fumbling through some clumsy skill applications and still do some damage, the Assassin’s movements and skills are fluid—as sharp as the dagger they wield—and can seamlessly move from attack to attack.

Assassins are masters of confusion and disorientation. Their typical opening move leaves their targets clutching their heads in bewilderment, as they’re inexplicably struck by an invisible force. If they’re alive long enough to regain their wits, it means the Assassin has graciously decided to hold off on their devastating follow-through, and chances are they’ve already disappeared again.

Similar to a Blade Master, Assassin skill availability is dependent on their stance: Stealth stance keeps the Assassin hidden from view, allowing them to deal massive amounts of damage on the unsuspecting with the help of Blade And Soul Items. Decoy Stance provides a versatile toolkit for the Assassin, including bombs and other abilities that stun, daze and knock down, as well as their Counter: a visually striking ability that prevents damage and puts them back into Stealth Mode.

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29 Dec 2015
They could make our sword glow whiteish though it may conflict with weapon glow effects already present on the weapon/shield. Still, I think Oaths should have some kind of ffxiv gil pale white radiance. Maybe shield oath can have a glow, with angel feather particle effects, and sword oath can have a whiteish flame effect.

Also, pretty sure the intro PLD level 30 quest refers to "Amongst the elite soldiers, swordsmen gladiators and knights of Ul'dah, the Paladins are unmatched" (paraphrased). I unlocked PLD recently, and I remember reading how PLD=Knight in JP, and when I saw this cutscene I wondered if it was translated differently, since if in JP PLD=Knight, the sentence wouldn't make sense unless there was some distinction between regular old Knights, and the Knight job that the WoL becomes. PLD was used in FF4 and FFT as a distinct class apart from regular Knights...I wonder why they went with a vanilla knight with FFXI and FFXIV (though, FFXI's PLDs were far more Holy than FFXIV's PLD, even though they too were called 'naito' in JP. In FFXI, PLD could use most White Magic, Cure I-IV, Holy, Protect, Shell, and also had unique spells like Enlight which added a a potent, but gradually decreasing additional damage effect to every autoattack, and Reprisal, which increased shield block rate substantially, and automatically reflected a portion of blocked damage back at the target for the spell's duration).

I think an aura is justifiable for Divine Veil, it would serve as a visual indicator for healers: see a blue-white aura on the PLD? Toss him a heal to trigger the Veil buff.

And that's just assuming Divine Veil is otherwise not altered. If it were, regardless I think the heal-trigger effect is the right place for an aura, since it's about providing visual communication to other uffxiv players, and not just a glamour-glitter-moar-sparkles-plz, I must look fabulous.
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28 Sep 2015
Odds are they never will stop. They want buy ffxiv gil you to keep subbing by forcing you to keep grinding because... yeah... people will always want shinier gear to progress with XD

I decided screw it, not doing alexander savage content.
I havn't capped esos in 6 weeks, I havn't done alexander normal in 2 weeks. I'm not sure I'm missing the grind. Cause realistically you only need top tier gear to clear top tier content. If you're fine with being a lowly casual, there's no need to do the mad scramble and I think I'm happier for it. All I'm doing is capping red crafting and gathering scrips.

Yup, that's pretty much how a theme park MMORPG like this works. A lot of folks come here expecting nothing but a focus on top tier endgame content that involves boss fights and all this combat stuff for every single patch update... then they're met with focuses on story, housing, crafting/gathering, Gold Saucer, etc. To be blunt about that, they're completely in wrong to accuse the game of being bad/boring for doing that. This game has never been advertised for the most hardcore of players and has always been advertised as something for everyone... that was the emphasis. Even if you think one should be totally prioritized every patch, alongside other content, you'd still be in the wrong.

Of course, that's not to say there's an amount of content that should be available for one over another and ignored within reason, like how we currently are stuck in a rut is an example of not providing enough relevancy of one (combat), but rather that it's how things are with the devs aim. In time, this will likely change though, and we'll get to having too much to potentially do as a whole again, as it was towards the end of ARR. Ideally, when the Ark and FC airship traveling is released, there'll be a more fitting degree of a combat grind alongside the other meaningful non-combat content. That's sort of what happened when CT was introduced, afterall. It really did begin to change the lack of content UFFXIV feel... but who knows, given the fact it'd be a repeated form of content.
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15 Sep 2015

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