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Odds are they never will stop. They want buy ffxiv gil you to keep subbing by forcing you to keep grinding because... yeah... people will always want shinier gear to progress with XD

I decided screw it, not doing alexander savage content.
I havn't capped esos in 6 weeks, I havn't done alexander normal in 2 weeks. I'm not sure I'm missing the grind. Cause realistically you only need top tier gear to clear top tier content. If you're fine with being a lowly casual, there's no need to do the mad scramble and I think I'm happier for it. All I'm doing is capping red crafting and gathering scrips.

Yup, that's pretty much how a theme park MMORPG like this works. A lot of folks come here expecting nothing but a focus on top tier endgame content that involves boss fights and all this combat stuff for every single patch update... then they're met with focuses on story, housing, crafting/gathering, Gold Saucer, etc. To be blunt about that, they're completely in wrong to accuse the game of being bad/boring for doing that. This game has never been advertised for the most hardcore of players and has always been advertised as something for everyone... that was the emphasis. Even if you think one should be totally prioritized every patch, alongside other content, you'd still be in the wrong.

Of course, that's not to say there's an amount of content that should be available for one over another and ignored within reason, like how we currently are stuck in a rut is an example of not providing enough relevancy of one (combat), but rather that it's how things are with the devs aim. In time, this will likely change though, and we'll get to having too much to potentially do as a whole again, as it was towards the end of ARR. Ideally, when the Ark and FC airship traveling is released, there'll be a more fitting degree of a combat grind alongside the other meaningful non-combat content. That's sort of what happened when CT was introduced, afterall. It really did begin to change the lack of content UFFXIV feel... but who knows, given the fact it'd be a repeated form of content.
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15 Sep 2015