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They could make our sword glow whiteish though it may conflict with weapon glow effects already present on the weapon/shield. Still, I think Oaths should have some kind of ffxiv gil pale white radiance. Maybe shield oath can have a glow, with angel feather particle effects, and sword oath can have a whiteish flame effect.

Also, pretty sure the intro PLD level 30 quest refers to "Amongst the elite soldiers, swordsmen gladiators and knights of Ul'dah, the Paladins are unmatched" (paraphrased). I unlocked PLD recently, and I remember reading how PLD=Knight in JP, and when I saw this cutscene I wondered if it was translated differently, since if in JP PLD=Knight, the sentence wouldn't make sense unless there was some distinction between regular old Knights, and the Knight job that the WoL becomes. PLD was used in FF4 and FFT as a distinct class apart from regular Knights...I wonder why they went with a vanilla knight with FFXI and FFXIV (though, FFXI's PLDs were far more Holy than FFXIV's PLD, even though they too were called 'naito' in JP. In FFXI, PLD could use most White Magic, Cure I-IV, Holy, Protect, Shell, and also had unique spells like Enlight which added a a potent, but gradually decreasing additional damage effect to every autoattack, and Reprisal, which increased shield block rate substantially, and automatically reflected a portion of blocked damage back at the target for the spell's duration).

I think an aura is justifiable for Divine Veil, it would serve as a visual indicator for healers: see a blue-white aura on the PLD? Toss him a heal to trigger the Veil buff.

And that's just assuming Divine Veil is otherwise not altered. If it were, regardless I think the heal-trigger effect is the right place for an aura, since it's about providing visual communication to other uffxiv players, and not just a glamour-glitter-moar-sparkles-plz, I must look fabulous.
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28 Sep 2015