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Here is a FULL UI + Voice Korean pack.. It is huge.. I apologize.. It is not just Voice. It also is a little bit buggy with some UI elements, but on top of changing voices, it changes minimaps and some UI elements from w.e language they originally were in into Korean.

This will be a rar full of files that you will need to safely extract into your CookedPC of your BNS folder. IF you use the Hero Izanami patcher for cheap Blade & Soul Items, I believe my KR patch is set up to integrate right into it. I may need to provide more details on it.

NOTE: Please back up EVERY SINGLE CookedPC file that my patch changes, just in case. I may also try to dwindle down the patch into a purely Korean voice patch, but for now it is a 1.5GB UI+Voice patch!


Instructions: As mentioned above, this RAR contains a ton of CookedPC files. Inside of the 'Korean' folder are all of the files. The other files such as the BAT, etc is all for the Izanami Patcher if you use that.

If Hero would like to PM me about getting the Korean patch also added to his Izanami Launcher, he can do so, but because of the size of this patch, it is purely voluntary. The files should work on any server as long as you put them in properly.

Don't forget to make backups.. It will take a while because of the sheer amount of files, and a lot of the UI elements were put in simply because I can semi-read Korean but can't read the Chinese in game. 

If you have any questions regarding the patch, please PM it to me privately.

Included: Korean Voice FULL (Cutscene, NPC, System, etc), BNS English Login Logo, Korean Minimaps, Korean Map, Korean Chat Tags, Korean Quest Tags, Korean Enhance Message, Other Korean Messages, and some more extras?

NOTE2: There are a few UI-related bugs due to it forcing the changes of some UI elements with Blade & Soul Power leveling. Some UI elements like some Skill Guides in quests, guild coin ui are invisible. Don't worry though, because none of those bugs are big or game breaking. 
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07 Jan 2016