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In case you don't want to watch. Its a tournament final where a Kung Fu Master and Warlock Duel .. Each battle is often a back and forth.. NOT a domination. These are two skilled players having an excellent match.
Again (as i said in another thread,) if you guys get this game changed and or/nerfed we drop out of the ability to do world tournaments. PvE is already in causal mode, way to go proving that "we" are "too weak" to keep up with the pro's. We are number one as something tho! ... Complaining.

Well i slighty disagree, there is NO op class but! There are Class Combination where the enems is simply with the help of Blade And Soul Gold. As example. Assassin vs Summoner. The Assassin is the ONLY Class which starts with Zero Chi Orbs. You have to build up Chi first and then the damn Pet is always clinging on you making targeting the Summoner itself harder than you think.

I only PvE so I can't comment on PvP, but Warlock is the closest thing to "OP" the game has at the moment. Huge burst potential, very high uptime on a +Attack buff, lots of invincibility frames, CC for trash mobs, and the party buffs to end all party buffs: Spiritualize. It has caveats at Blade-Soul, mainly that you need at least the Hongmoon skill book for Raging Spirit in order to have high DPS, cast times making it immobile, and low DPS if you get unlucky with crits. I'd say along with Summoner it's one of the easiest classes to play and still blow mediocre players out of the water. 
But of course a bad WL will still be a bad WL and is going to get out damaged by a good player of any class. And also God knows when NA is going to go through the effort of putting the class in the game in the first place.
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09 Jan 2016